Hazards of Downed Wires
June 7, 2021

Shortly after midnight, Cheltenham Fire Company was dispatched for an electrical fire outside. Upon arrival, crews found a large tree limb down across the power lines with wires down next to a house and on a metal shed in the rear yard. Crews immediately put caution tape around the area and notified PECO. Before PECO was able to arrive on scene, the wire energized the shed and lit the contents on fire. Crews were able to keep the fire from spreading, PECO arrived to cut the power and the fire was completely extinguished. Unfortunately, the shed and contents were destroyed, but no one was injured.

We work closely with the utility companies to keep our residents safe. The fire company responds to evaluate, notify, and isolate the hazard. The utility company arrives to control the hazard. Please respect and avoid any downed wire!! Just because it is not actively sparking, does not mean it is no longer energized. Treat any downed wire as a hazard. Also, if you see "Caution" or "Fire Line" tape, please avoid the area!! It is for your safety.