Please Enjoy Fall Safely
September 24, 2020

Happy Fall!! As the weather cools down and we head outside to enjoy our evenings around a campfire, please do it safely. Campfires need to be contained in a fire pit or ring and should be at least 15 feet from any buildings. Please burn only clean, dry wood (burning yard debris is prohibited in the township). Check weather conditions before starting your fire. If conditions are dry and it's windy, please wait for another evening. We don't want embers to blow and create an issue for you or your neighbors. Please have a garden hose or bucket of water nearby, just in case. When cleaning ashes out of your fire pit, do not ever put them in a trash can in your garage or near your house. Please wait a couple of days to clean them out and then put them in a metal bucket away from your house for a few more days. Each year far too many fires are caused by fire pit or fireplace ashes. We understand how relaxing it is sitting around a fire pit, let's all follow these guidelines to keep it relaxing for everyone! Stay safe neighbors!