Our Nation's Birthday
June 26, 2020

As we all know, the past 4 months have been challenging for all of us, both locally and globally. In compliance with social distancing, all 4th of July activities within the township have been canceled. After discussing the situation, the officers of Cheltenham Fire Company have decided to continue the tradition of the 4th of July in our district, but in the “drive-through” fashion that you’ve seen in birthday and graduation celebrations, many of which the fire company has participated in throughout our district.

At 12:00 on the 4th, the Fire Company, along with members of the community that have expressed interest in joining us, will meet at Front and Ashbourne. From there, we will follow the normal route that we use every year. This will be a small event in order to avoid traffic back ups and large gatherings within the community. All participants will continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines and will not exit their vehicles or apparatus. We ask that the community practices social distancing as well. Please avoid gathering in groups, wear masks, and respect other people’s space as the vehicles come through. The participants will be constantly moving to avoid gathering places and to keep our traffic impact to a minimum.

In an effort to help some of our hardest hit community resources, we will be collecting non-perishable food items for Berachah Church’s Food Pantry. These donations can be boxed or canned (no glass containers please). A designated crew will collect donations along the route during the event. If possible, please consider donating!

Stay safe and see you on the 4th!

Attachment Berachah Donations.pdf  (34k)