Celebrating Two Decades of Selfless Service: Honoring Our Volunteer Firefighter
February 22, 2024

We are immensely proud and filled with gratitude as we take a moment to shine the spotlight on a remarkable individual in our community. Today, we celebrate an exceptional milestone for a local hero who has dedicated an incredible 20 years of volunteer service in our township’s fire department.

Moira, who has been the embodiment of dedication and community spirit. Over the past two decades, she has not merely been a volunteer firefighter but a guardian who has stood shoulder to shoulder with her brothers and sisters of the Cheltenham Fire Department.

On behalf of the entire Company, we would like to express our deepest appreciation for Moira's tireless service. It is with these acts of courage and selflessness that the fabric of our community is strengthened. Today, we stand together to say: Thank you. Thank you for 20 years of service, dedication, and for being one of our town's unwavering protectors.

Here’s to you, Moira Downey-Miller —a true community champion!

P.S; Interested in serving your community through volunteerism? We would be happy to hear from you!

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