GoFundMe for Anthony Evans
October 3, 2023

Anthony Evans, the 27 yr old son of my cousin Russel Evans is going through the most challenging time of his life, both physically and emotionally. The long and short of it all is Anthony’s heart is no longer working as it should and he needs a new heart! His family is doing all they can to be by his side during this incredibly difficult journey. With so much unknown of the future, the family is looking for support. This support is for medical care that will help to keep him with us and for the family with travel expenses as Anthony is currently getting treatment in New York. . Please continue reading to learn about Anthony’s story and why he needs your help.


Anthony loves hunting and fishing and is a huge NASCAR fan who is always rooting for his 2 favorites, Kevin Harvick and Chase Elliot! As a member of the 4-H Club at Fox Chase farm, Anthony put his gentle spirit to work raising several goats and a steer. He is a young man who always seems to have a smile on his face.

He graduated from Northeast High School and then went on to graduate from the FIRE ACADEMY in 2016! He pursued his dream of being a firefighter by joining the Cheltenham Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter. If you could sit down with him, I am sure he would tell you the brotherhood as well as the sense of community is his favorite things about being a firefighter


On Aug 6th Anthony was rushed to a local hospital with chest pains. It was during that hospital stay his heart had another blockage. While another surgery would be risky due to Anthony having had open heart surgery only 3 months prior, it was needed as his heart was only functioning at 5% of what it should. Doctors at Temple performed the surgery and were able to get his heart to a 15% function. It was then determined that his heart was functioning so poorly that he would need a complete heart transplant. After a few bumps in the road on which hospital was best equipped for the job, Anthony was transported to Columbia University hospital in New York. Once he was there, it was determined he was too sick for a heart transplant.

As of today September 8, 2023, he is still on ECMO. (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is a form of life support used for babies, children and adults with life-threatening heart and / or lung problems. ECMO provides time for the body to rest and recover by doing the work of the heart and lungs.) While medically speaking it is not good for him to be on ECMO this long, everyone is trusting God with Anthony’s care during all of this.

Earlier this week doctors did a procedure to reconfigure the ECMO and to drain his lungs. The doctors do not believe a transplant is currently an option, BUT GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!!

Anthony needs a miracle!

Lessening the financial burden that the family is facing is the first step in helping to ease their minds and focus on succeeding and thriving in the transplant process and staying as stress-free as possible. Any amount you can give, big or small, will be graciously accepted and appreciated by Anthony and his family. Please consider donating and sharing with your network. Most importantly, please keep Anthony, his parents: Kay and Russel, along with his siblings in your thoughts and prayers that the path to getting a new heart goes as quickly and seamlessly as possible. As we all know God is in control of it all!

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