PSA: NO Lithium-ion Batteries in Trash/Recycling Collection
August 22, 2023

Different types and sizes of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are used for power tools, landscaping equipment, laptops, pacemakers, calculators, remote-control toys, and more. Unlike single-use alkaline batteries (which can be included in your trash), Lithium-ion batteries can cause costly fires during transport or at processing or recycling centers.

Over the past two weeks, these batteries have caused TWO fires within Cheltenham's collection routes: Thursday, August 10 in a Township trash truck, and Thursday, August 17 in the Township's newest recycling truck. This recycling truck has been in service with the Township only three months, and the cost of this vehicle was $261,860.00.

For the safety of our employees (and those further down the waste management chain), the protection of our equipment, and even the cleanliness of our community, please DO NOT attempt to dispose of any form of lithium battery through the Township's weekly refuse and recycling collections

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