Annual Fire Prevention Demonstration
By General Member Casey Dolan
October 13, 2017

October 13th, 2017 @ Gottschalk Fire Training Area**Starts at 7:00 PM**

Come out and meet your local Firefighters!
The Cheltenham Fire Company takes great pride in the efforts we put force in the local elementary schools during Fire Prevention week each year. Our VOLUNTEERS take time off from work to ensure we can bring the trucks, dress in full gear, with all our equipment, ready to answer all questions. I can tell you, the kids have come up with some doozies over the years.

Our goal is simply to educate and remove any misunderstanding about what to do in case of a fire or emergency. We try to visit every school in our area, then wrap up the week with our demonstration at the fire ground. This opportunity allows families to meet the local volunteers and interact through the various HANDS-ON learning activities, and information sessions. More importantly it re-enforces fire safety as a whole, the importance of having a plan in case of an emergency, and provides topics to discuss with your children at home.

Please come out and join us for our annual event; we will have a LIVE BURN and STOVE FIRE DEMONSTRATION!

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